Fields and Specializations

A versatile organization to shape up any project.

From its original qualification as specialized engineering Company, Proeco has broadened its horizons and has been able to develop in a multidisciplinary direction by adopting a flexible and integrated organization pattern.



A Company with broad horizons, Proeco has adopted a flexible and integrated model of organization that has made it able to develop and expand its offer of engineering services in multidisciplinary directions.

Proeco Expand Offices

With the acquisition of a new property Proeco Srl has accomplished the first part of its development and growth program, which by the end of 2017 will have doubled its head office.

Proeco srl gains Legality Rating

Proeco Srl proudly announces that it has obtained the Legality Rating with the *+ score, which is a star for the basic requirements in section B and a “+” for the award criteria described in section C of the form. Proeco will be included in the list of companies with Legality Rating as provided for in Art. 8 of the Rules.

Proeco joins SafeDay 2017

The theme this year is focused on the need to collect and disseminate health and safety data, to create a culture of safety and prevention to become an integrated part of the work process.

Progetto Argo Cluster

Project Argo Cluster – Platform Prezioso K

Proeco Srl has recently acquired an important Multidisciplinary Engineering assignment in regard to the new Gas Platform denominated Prezioso K.