Electrical / Instrumentation Engineering

Electrical/Instrumentation Engineering represents one of Proeco’s strongest and longest-established services. Although the Company structure can offer high-level multidisciplinary engineering services, this subject still represents one of the main know-how cornerstones.

Our year-long experience enables us to create projects for High, Average and Low Voltage systems, including the corresponding plants and all the necessary equipment for plant control and adjustment.

Main activities:

  • Electric load list
  • Electrical balances
  • Earthing plant calculations and dimensioning
  • Electrical protection calculations and dimensioning
  • Cables calculation and dimensioning
  • Lighting calculations
  • Functional and single wire diagrams
  • Electrical equipment Technical Data Sheets
  • DGA and detail drawings of electrical equipments, cable passages and earthing network.
  • Electrical cable wiring diagrams
  • Instrument and valve list
  • Instrument and valve Technical Data Sheets
  • GA and detail drawings of the Instruments, junction boxes and tubing routings.
  • Instrument hook-up
  • Junction boxes wiring drawings
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Electrical and instrumentation cables list
  • Material list specification
  • Technical specification for the equipment purchase

Fields and Specializations