Proeco srl gains Legality Rating


Proeco Srl proudly announces that it has obtained the Legality Rating with the *+ score, which is a star for the basic requirements in section B and a “+” for the award criteria described in section C of the form. Proeco will be included in the list of companies with Legality Rating as provided for in Art. 8 of the Rules.

The Legality Rating is a type of ethical rating for Italian companies, created in 2012 in order to promote in Italy ethical principles in corporate behavior in implementing the Law of Conversion of Decree Law 24 March 2012, no. 29, Competition and Market Authority (AGCM), in conjunction with the Ministries of Justice and the Interior, resolved in November 2012 the Regulation to define the attribution of the legality rating to companies operating in national territory with turnover above 2 million euros.

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