Company History

The beginning

Proeco was set up in July 2001 as a single-member Company. It entered the market as an engineering company mainly focused on Electrical and Instrumental specializations, and played important engineering support roles to Oil&Gas, Chemical, Energy and Environment related industries.

Thanks to the confidence and the experience the founder of Proeco had gained with his activity during the previous years, the Company could successfully tackle the market with such skills and performances that it granted its Customers a fundamental – although very specialized- service.

The re-organization

In 2003, Proeco understood that it could not tackle the market with its technical skills only, and that external relationships demanded a steadier service offer. Hence, Proeco decided to start a transformation process, and to become a consolidated Company with new partners and permanent staff, and with stable and long-lasting equipment and tools for the organized engineering. With this new structure, Proeco began approaching new Clients on the national and international markets.

The turning point

Proeco development was fast, but very soon it became clear that the market needed a complete offer of multidisciplinary engineering activities. As a result, 2005 marked the beginning of a new development process. Proeco set up a new Company called Proeco Management where new resources and above all new Mechanical and Structural specializations merged. The two Companies developed synergies working on important multidisciplinary projects for many important Customers. This process was completed in 2009 with Proeco incorporating Proeco Management.

Proeco today

Fully aware of its intensive, although young, professional history, and on account of its tenacious dedication to achieving goals and consolidating results, today Proeco is a strong reality, made by individuals and ideas. The same individuals and ideas that have contributed to Proeco achievements and success are the same individuals and ideas that will develop tomorrow’s Proeco.

Fields and Specializations