Vision & Mission


A flexible structure, a steady success.

We firmly believe that the Company’s structure versatility represents the key to our success. Making our skills available for our Customers with flexibility, i.e. modulating and adjusting them to the project’s specific requirements, does not imply a lack of organization, but rather the successful consolidation of the Company’s own structural identity.


We have chosen no formula in order to use them all.

At Proeco, we have not chosen a standard formula for our working method. Instead, we have decided to adopt a structure that allows us to configure our work force at any moment, and, when specifically needed, to modulate it according the Customer’s need, always in full respect of our internal quality policies. Every single project is evaluated in order to identify the most effective service and the most qualified team of professionals. In order to grant our Customers’ success, at Proeco we have chosen not to use a specific key, so that we can use them all.

Fields and Specializations