QHSE Management System

Integrated Management System

Proeco manages its business with the constant commitment to enhancing its value and providing the best service to its customers by operating in accordance with internal quality, health, safety and environmental policies.

We believe that a flexible and adaptable organization for the purpose of work and project goals together with structured synergy with customers and suppliers are key elements for achieving the highest quality levels.

Proeco obtained  ISO 9001 certification in 2011, the certification for the management processes regarding health and safety in 2014 with migration to the new ISO 45001 standard in february 2020, and ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system in 2015.

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Health and safety

People are the value of the company, so the protection of health and safety of employees and of those who work on behalf of the organization are a priority.

Proeco is committed to ensure that any health and safety requirement applicable to the individual project needs to be identified and managed in an integrated way within the organization.

The focal points that guide our approach are the following:

  • Every aspect affecting Health and Safety can be systematically identified and managed;
  • Individual awareness, personal motivation, and proper behavior are key elements of prevention;

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Proeco evaluates and manages all environmental aspects directly or indirectly from their own business.

We provide the Customer with the necessary skills to ensure the adoption of design solutions that have least impact on the environment during production, use and disposal.

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