The Management’s Commitment

Proeco board of directors’role as controlling body grants the pursual of the Company fundamental principles, i.e. the Company’s activity value protection and enhancement.The board supervises the management which, in turn, is responsible for the middle and long-term development, as well as of the short-term activities.

Compliance with the Company Policies

Proeco policies and conduct codes aim at granting the activity correct development, the attention for the ethical issues, as well as the compliance with the regulations in force. The Management’s commitment is to ensure the full identification of all stakeholders (Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Partners) in compliance with the Company’s principles.
Quality, Safety and Environment Section

Ethical and Conduct Code

The Code of Conduct has been created in order to make sure that Proeco basic ethical values are clearly defined and that they represent the Company culture fundamentals, as well as the conduct standard for all those who collaborate with Proeco in the business and activity management.
Download Ethical Code.pdf

Health and Safety

Proeco is committed to the welfare of staff and those working for and with us, so that respect for the preservation and protection of the Health and Safety at work is an integral part of the organization. We abide by this commitment by adopting those procedures and programs that ensure safety at the workplace.
Quality, Safety and Environment Section


Proeco srl is committed to protecting the privacy of its Customers and staff working in the company.
This policy is implemented thanks to an internal computer Regulation.
Download IT Regulations.pdf

Human Rights

Proeco Srl operates with integrity and respect for human dignity and individual rights. It supports and promotes the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
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Fields and Specializations