Proeco joins SafeDay 2017



The “World Health and Safety Day”, established by the International Labor Organization (ILO) in 2003, is celebrated on April 28 of each year.

The purpose of this awareness-raising campaign, intends to promote jointly by international governments, employers and workers to raise awareness of health and safety issues and to create a culture of safety and prevention to become an integrated part of the work process.

The theme this year is focused on the need to collect and disseminate health and safety data to have a precise awareness of the injury phenomenon, which also takes into account all the situations that, unfortunately, are often part of the scenery of work.

Proeco decided to join the campaign by organizing an in-depth meeting on the proposed issues, held in Forlì offices on April 28, through the launch of a photo contest open to all employees and collaborators related to Health and Safety, Not just in workplace, also in in non-work area in order to promote the adoption of safer behaviors also.

Proeco is constantly committed into promotion and dissemination of the proper management of health and safety, as an integral part of its business and the service offered.