Proeco confirms Cerved Rating B1.2


Cerved Rating Agency also confirmed for the year 2017 the public rating B1.2 to Proeco Srl following the decision of the Rating Committee and the analysis of the available information set.

The rating is a prospective judgment of a subject’s creditworthiness: in other words, it is an opinion on the future ability of the assessed subjects to honor their financial commitments.

Cerved Rating Agency emits and monitors public and private ratings, recognized at national and international level, useful to various companies operating in the world of economics and finance.
Businesses use rating as a financial communication tool that contributes, on the one hand, to improving trading ability with the banking and financial system and, on the other hand, relationships with customers and suppliers. Financial institutions use the rating for regulatory purposes. Finally, institutional investors rely on ratings to determine the risk of financial instruments.

Download Proeco Cerved Rating B1.2